Today on episode 27, Web Hosting Podcast.  I sit down with Megan of and discuss the current state of websites.  Are websites really needed in a world of apps, social media, and smart devices?  Are website going to be extinct or irrelevant in the coming years if not already?

Are websites becoming irrelevant?

With google indexing and providing a constant flow of instant information for things like business listings, movie showtimes, sports scores and a wealth of other information.  Is it time to think about if the website as we know it is dead or dying.  With the initial invention of Siri and now alexa, google, and apple homepod, information is only a command away.  Social media has never been stronger in use for marketing in a app based world.  Is the website, as we know it, gone?  This is the question I proposed to Megan of and I ask you, the listener.  Have you stopped putting emphasis on your website in favor of joining the billions of others in a app based world?  You can currently do just about anything right from your phone or smart device.  I myself find I don’t use websites nearly as much as I once did.  I use google to direct me to the information that it has indexed on the topics I request.  Need to know how to fix something?  I search google, and it normally directs me to youtube.  Want to know if a movie is worth seeing?  This will take me to a app on my phone.  80% of my searches and internet viewing is done from my mobile device, using a mobile app.  Want to start a ecommerce website, redbubble, etsy, shopify all have mobile apps.  Even WordPress has a mobile app.  You can even create and master videos using adobe apps on your devices.  The current trend is mobile first and even google is preferring mobile in their indexing of your content.  The app based world is here and it is likely going to stay, even if it will evolve into something more than what we currently use.
I don’t think or know if a website will be entirely irrelevant.  I do enjoy the browsing experience on a large screen and personalized domains are also likely not going away.  So what does this leave for the future?  This is what Megan and I discuss in this episode.  This recording took place a while ago on a whim.  I hope you enjoy it and we would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.